Founded in 2005, Own Way Textile Ltd. devotes its resources into design, develop and market knit fabrics for wide variety of sports and outdoor activities. Own Way’s service to clients is guided by its six fundamental believes - environmental protection, innovation, professionalism, efficiency, quality, and customer service. With the rising of living standards as well as the demand for colorful, bright, soft, and functional clothing, high-quality, diverse, and versatile textiles are also the trend.

Own Way focuses its development on functional fabrics for sportswear. It continually cooperates with advanced manufacturers from different countries to gain advantage in production for name brands. Step by step, it foresees and marches forward in producing healthy and functional fabrics for slow but sure prospective demand, in improving techniques and management to optimize its reputation, and also in actively developing products which differentiate and with high-added value to enhance its ability to compete and to expand its market share.

Facing the market trend of the twenty-first century, the high-level market competition worldwide, and the ever-changing marketing environment, Own Way will continue its effort in becoming leaders in the textile industry and in fulfilling market demand with a positive and innovative attitude, honesty, and business ethics.